About me

To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

–Audrey Hepburn

Hi! (waving like a crazy lady!) I’m glad you’ve made it to my blog. I have always wanted to be a “writer” and what better way than to blog about something I’m learning and enjoy doing.

Me, enjoying some summer sun!

My name is Nicole. I live in the mitten where it is warm THREE months out of the year (eye roll). It is no lie when people say they suffer from seasonal depression. The cold and gloom get to me (I know, I should move) but I can’t exactly leave without my hubs and four kiddos! I should mention, I’ve never been diagnosed with this issue, but I’m sure I get the “winter blues.” Which brings me to this…

Why Plants?

  • Plants make me happy
  • When surrounded by plants I feel calmness (which Lord knows I need)
  • I’ve learned that plants clean the air in your home
  • I love nature and trees
  • Green is my favorite color
  • I hope to help others find their green thumb, learning right along with me

I am making this blog public in hopes to find some other “plant gurus” and even some other wannabe plant mamas so we can teach each other, learn and enjoy our lovely plant life!

Be sure to follow so you get all my posts about plants, plants & people, trying to keep my plants alive, and other fun facts about plants!

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