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Breathe life into your home

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.

— Janet Kilburn Phillips

I’ve always told people “I cannot keep plants alive.” And, maybe at one time, it was true. The problem was I knew nothing about them and I guess never actually tried! Did you know you can OVERWATER plants? I did not know this!

I first became intrigued in plants after discussing houseplants with a former patient of mine (I am a “retired” physical therapist assistant.). She told me that she had a hard time keeping plants alive as well, but had one that was flourishing, and realized there was such thing as OVERWATERING your plants!

This same patient (months later, after therapy), moved to another state and sent in her house plant for me to care for. She said she trusted that I would keep it alive…I tried…I failed. It did last about a year to year in a half and slowly began to die. If I knew what I know now, I’m sure I could have done a much better job at maintaining its life.

A few years later I was inspired to fill my home with plants after visiting my friends house. Walking into her home, the feeling of calmness, the color green (my favorite color) and just the beauty in all the plants she had around her home, made me really want to take a try at my green thumb again.

I went from one, recently given Aloe plant, to 26 house plants in about three months. Plus an array of outdoor perennials.

The first thing I did was keep the little tabs that come with the plant that tells you how much sun they need, how much water you should give etc. Then I did a bit more research online which gave me more info on when to prune, when to slow watering, how to “save” plants etc.

In all the madness, I did have one plant die. I am not exactly sure what the issue was, but it got sick and after trying to redeem it, I completely lost it. 😦

I have heard so many people talk about how they have NO green thumb, and giving them a plant is a death sentence for that plant…I use to think the same. This is the inspiration for this blog…to help others learn about and experience the joy of plants! Not just having them around, but the joy in keeping them alive.

Breather life with plants and subscribe to my blog to receive new posts all about plants. Content will include types of plants, how to keep them alive, what may be causing death, health benefits of plants, my personal successes and losses with them as well. This continues to be a learning process for me, and I hope we can do this together!

Are you new to gardening/plant lady/gentlemen life? Have you been a plant fan for years? Tell me about yourself, I’d love to get to know my readers!

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