Can Talking to Your Plants Help Them Grow?

If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans could do.


In my journey to get to know plants, how they grow, and how to keep them alive… I have read several times that talking to your plants, or even singing to them, may help them to grow. I decided to do a little “light” internet searching to see what everyone else is saying.

The question “does talking to your plants help them grow?” has been around for a long time. Pro Flowers reports the first book about humans talking to plants was written in 1848 by a German professor Gustav Fechner.

According to The Spruce research has been done by the Royal Horticultural Society. The study used controlled groups of plants some of which were read to through headphones, and some that were not read/talked to. The result not only showed increased growth by the plants read to/spoken to, but also that the plants seemed to respond better to a female voice vs male voice.

Myth-busters did an experiment in 2004. One group of plants was given classical music to listen to, one heavy metal, another positive talking, and one negative talk. Then of course a control group with no music or talking. The results? All groups with music or talking did better than the group that grew in silence. The group of plants with heavy metal grew the best!

Conclusions have been made that vibrations do help plants grow ultimately drawing the speculation that because there is vibration in our voices and in music this could be why talking/singing to plants improves their growing ability.

So, what is a Plant Mom Wannabe suppose to do with this information? That’s right…conduct her own experiment.

Want to find out the results I come up with? Stay tuned for a post in the near future!

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