Splitting a Peace Lily

Splitting a Peace Lily

All the flowers of tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

Chinese Proverb

Peace Lily’s are so beautiful! If I’m being honest, I always thought this type of plant was just for decoration and then died off. I didn’t realize it was a long term indoor plant! I know…I’m a little behind in the plant world; that’s why I’m here though, right?

My first Peace Lily has been doing wonderful and I absolutely love having it as part of my decor. It has traveled to several locations in my dining and living room. It is now big enough to either repot, or split. I have decided to split it so I can have more of this beautiful plant through-out my home. (I also need this pot pictured below!)

Things needed for the split:

  • a pot to replant the Peace Lily (I was told to use a pot NO BIGGER than 2 inches for Peace Lilys).
  • Planting soil (I used Miracle Grow planting soil)
  • Watering tin filled with water
  • Scissors for cutting

Once I began splitting my Peace Lily, I realized the roots were super tough and I actually required scissors to help the process. From what I have read, Peace Lilys are pretty tough, and should be able to come back from this “surgery.”

Watch my video of how I split and repotted my own Peace Lily.

Next steps to splitting and repotting.

  • Squeezing the pot gently I was able to loosen the dirt and roots to pull the plant from its original pot.
  • Once the plant was out, I tried breaking a section free by gently squeezing the dirt and roots (it wasn’t working too well, and this is where I used scissors to cut the plant)
  • After I split the plant I repotted each section into its own pot, about 2 inches wider than the plant itself.
  • I added some water to each plant, and let drain.
  • I then placed each near my south facing window to allow for sunlight.

I now have TWO beautiful Peace Lilys to enjoy in my home. With a little love and care I’m sure I can have these babies healed up and growing strong soon!

Do you split your house plants? What is your experience? Any advice for me?

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    1. Yes!! That’s is exactly what I was thinking, free plant!! But I did have to buy another planter…haha. I do like picking a new planter though, might be my favorite part!

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