Picking a Planter

Picking a Planter

When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms.

Faya Bhagarati

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I think one of my favorite parts about this whole plant mom thing, is not just how awesome the plants look and feel in my home, but picking out just the right pot to plant them in!

Plants outgrow their pots. Well…if they don’t die first (am I right?). I think about the next pot before it’s even time to repot it.

There are a bazillion types of planters to choose from. Ceramic, glazed, clay pots even plastic ones. Some are humungous, others super tiny. Others have drain holes or bottom feeders; some do not.

I was excited to think outside of the box and find some MUCH CHEAPER potting ideas. I found some awesome small tins from Walmart, that were less than $2 each, and for my, not so beautiful succulent garden, I found an elongated tin for about $5 at Target. Both tins are technically meant for picnic ware, but shoot, they look great for my plants, and I couldn’t beat the price. Check them out…

I seriously spend at least 20-30 minutes searching for the right pot. Mostly because I am a cheap-o and don’t want to spend much, but I also want a nice looking pot.

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Some ideas to save you money:

  • Shop at the end of the season
  • Check out discount stores such as Marshals, TJ Max, Ross, Home Goods, etc.
  • Think “outside the pot” and look in other isles such as home-goods, for new planter ideas.

I received a beverage tub for Christmas one year and used it at an invent in my home. The tub ended up leaking water everywhere once the ice began to melt; I was a bit disappointed because I really liked having it for my social gatherings. When spring hit, I was looking for the perfect container to add flowers and spice up my front porch. Then it hit me, I had that beverage tub that leaked, meaning I’d be able to water anything in it, and have nice drainage for flowers! Low and behold, the perfect planter…

Be sure to check out how to repot a plant so when you get that perfect pot, you’ll know how to re-home it! (See the video). If you plan to split a plant you have at home check out “Splitting a Piece Lily.” Splitting plants that are getting too big for their pots are a great gift for others as well! See that video here.

Where is your “go-to” when finding just the right planter?

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    1. Thanks! I surprised myself for sure this year! I have, so far, 32 indoor plants and about 9 outdoor potted plants. I am loving this now that I know I can keep things alive 🙂


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