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Your mind is the garden your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.

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I have tried to get my backyard looking beautiful by planting perennials for about nine years now (since we bought our house). My husband took it upon himself to cut down ALL the nice bushes/trees that were lining the landscaped area. He literally could have just trimmed them…nope he cut them all the way down..killing them… :-(.

After attempting to plant some Hastas, and other small bushes, I gave up because my dog would just pee on them and they died. Well this year I decided, why not get a bunch of plants and put them in planters?! I am so happy I did. I love the look of my little “pot garden.”

Garden of perennials in pots.

Most of the plants are perennials. I chose perennials because I hate the fact that annuals just die off, and I have to buy new again the next year (again, I’m a bit of a cheap-o). I am so happy with how it turned out and how fabulous it looks to finally have some beauty in what once was an empty space of red mulch!

My hope is that each plant will come back again next year in the pot. I am also considering replanting them in the ground now that they are established and familiar with their new environment. I may even have double the plant next season and need to repot giving me more beautiful plants!

Do you prefer perennials or annuals? Anyone else have experience with potted perennials coming back the following season if you live in a colder climate?

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