DIY: Milk Jugs and Egg Cartons, Plastic Bottles and More

Recycling turns into other things, which is like magic.


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Does anyone else have a countless number of empty food cans, plastic containers, milk jugs, or even wine bottles under their kitchen sink? No? Just me? Great, thanks!

I have great intentions when I put those under there. I know there is a Pinterest craft just waiting for me and my future, recycled projects.

Recently I have discovered a few ways to use these space eating containers to help me with my new obsession…plants.

Anyone else go through gallons of milk like cows are going extinct? No, just here again? Lets take a look at how they can be used…

You can also check out this DIY video on YouTube.

Milk Jugs:

  • The plant food I have requires a mix of 1 teaspoon of food per gallon of water. I don’t have a gallon watering can, so I thought, how better to know how much water I have than using a gallon milk jug?
  • I also used a milk jug to fill soap and water for a natural pesticide killer to use on my Hostas.
  • Use a milk jug as a watering can too, by simply drilling some holes in the lid giving it a sprinkler-like water-flow.
  • The bottom portion of a milk jug makes for a great watering saucer to place under your plants as well.

Empty Vegetable or Soup Can: An empty tin-can works perfect for planting new seeds, or even transplanting seedlings when starting your garden indoors. I used one to put a new plant in for my neighbor; decorating it with paint and gluing on beads.

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Plastic Bottle: Use an empty water bottle to make a self watering container for growing your plants indoors. (inspiration credit goes to this video)

The bottom of a plastic bottle can also be used to hold your paint brushes, or even paint when you get crafty with your small planters (as you’ll see below).

Old Plastic Planters: When you buy a plant it comes in a planter usually that isn’t “dressed to impress.” But once you’ve repotted it, why not spice those boring things up a bit with a little paint, glue and decoration? Of course, don’t forget to remove any excess glue (as you can see I forgot before snapping a pic).

Chalked paint works great for this because it drys super quick. It would also look cool to sand a bit off giving it a distressed appearance.

If you want the paint to last, probably giving it a wax coating would be beneficial. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

Egg Carton: An egg carton makes a great seed starting container. Having 12 or more spots for planting makes it easy to get your garden started inside in early spring. We did this in February with basil, the plant turned out AHmazing!

Plastic or Styrofoam Cups: Remember bringing home (or maybe your kids bring home) seeds planted at school in a cup? Well why not do it at home too! I hate throwing away cups after a family gathering; now just wash and re-use for planting new seeds! I must also confess, we have yet to keep one of those school plants alive…but challenge accepted when the next kid brings one home!

Jar Lid: Pictured below is a lid from a pickle jar. Any lid would work I’m sure. Just slide it under your plant so it can catch the water drainage after watering, or use as a bottom feeder.

My Venus Fly Trap works perfect for this!

Well…there is a short list of DIY’s to start off with. Save some money, save some room in the recycling bin, and clear out underneath that kitchen sink!

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    1. That’s awesome Samantha! I love that you’re a children’s librarian too! I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant! I’d love to know how your next children’s program goes if you do use some of these ideas! Thanks for the comment.

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