Experiment: Does Cilantro grow faster if spoken to whispered to, or not talked to at all?

If you’ve been following the blog, you may have read the post about talking to your plants, and that it may have a positive impact on their growth. I thought it would be fun to put the “talking” to the test, and see for myself.

I had some cilantro seeds left over from early spring, and chose to use those. Let me just say, I wasn’t successful in growing that cilantro in early spring, but this time, oh boy, it’s growing! I definitly blame myself for the first round of cilantro not growing, I should have repotted it sooner, but didn’t, so it wasn’t able to thrive, and then I got lazy.

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This time, I decided to plant the seeds in Solo Cups to allow for a deeper root connection and more space to grow. I’m glad I did, because the herb is surviving!

How I conducted the experiment:

  • I gathered nine solo cups (like these) and labeled them “Silent 1, Silent 2, silent 3, Spoken 1, Spoken 2, Spoken 3, Whisper 1, Whisper 2, Whisper 3.”
  • I then put some soil in them, filling about two inches from the tops of the cup
  • I then laid three cilantro seeds (similar to these) on top, and poked them down into the soil with my finger.
  • The soil I used was already pretty moist, but I did add a little bit of water to each.
  • I set all the cups in my southeast window.
  • Each day I assessed the cups, I would hover down over the spoken cups and speak to them by wording “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” I then would do the same for the whisper cups, only whispering “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” I didn’t actually sing the song, I spoke & whispered it slowly, in a “talking” manner.
  • After 7 days, I re-arranged the cups allowing them the same lighting. Moving greens to blue spot, blue to orange spot, and orange to green…you get the point. I kept them in order of 1,2,3 though.
Awaiting their growing fate, http://plantmomwannabe.net

Growth began slowly for all of them. In fact, ‘Spoken 1’ took the longest to begin to grow. The soil in this one felt quite moist, which made me think I may have overwatered it the first couple of days. I honestly began to think I forgot to put any seeds in it at all!

Once I noticed that the cups closer to the southern most part of the window were growing more rapidly, I thought, maybe I should rotate them. So, every seventh day I would rotate the sets of cups allowing for “equal parts” of sun.

Clearly, this experiment is not 100 proof, but it was fun. Are you ready to see and read the results? Okay!

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D5: held waterwet soil; NGNGNGNGNGNGNGNGNG
D8:NG1in1in3 grwth1 grwth2 grwth3 grwthNG2 Grwth
D9: no waterNG, moist soil1: 1.5in1:1.5in2: 1 inch;
1: 2 inch
3 grwths1:1in1:3in
D10: No doc.n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
1:2in2:1.5in both droopy1:3in
D12: PhotoNGBudsm bud2:shute1:shute2:wiltedleafleafleaf & bud
D13: No H2oNG1: bud1:bud2:shoot1:shootsame ^Bud1:2in
2 spouts, 1 bud
all budding
D14SPROUT!1leaf1leafmini leaveslarger leafsm leafLargerleavesleaves
D152 sproutssamesamesamesamesameLargest with most leavessame ^Largest with most leaves
D16: No water; no doc.n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
D17:wateredno changeno changeno changeno changeno changeno changeno changeno changeno change
D18: no waterPHOTO

The photo above shows the first day of seeing growth on day 7. ‘Spoken 3’ and two/three of the silent cups began to sprout first. The next day more of the spoken and silent plants sprouted. By day eight, all but ‘Whisper 1’ and ‘Silent 2’ had began to grow.

Day by day more growth occurred, but not how I had anticipated. The most growth came from the cups I didn’t talk to, the “silent ones.” There were a few days I wasn’t able to speak or whisper to the others, (see chart), because I was out of town.

Check out the progress pictures:

Day 14 is when ‘Whisper 1’ decided to sprout! See below.

This was a cool experiment, but again, not full proof. If I had to do it again, I would set an alarm to remind me to tend to them that way everything happened at the same time everyday. I would also measure the amount of water for each because that could have made a difference in how each grew. I just poured a little in each cup, so some may have gotten more or less water.

The last photo I took was on Day 18. After day 18, I began to lose focus and kept forgetting to check on them, so I didn’t count the days to follow as part of the experiment.

In conclusion, with my own personal experiment, the plants that were NOT spoken or whispered to seemed to grow the best. I truly have no explanation as to why these ones grew faster. Maybe the others didn’t like the sound of my voice, or the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Or, quite possibly, not measuring the water exactly for each could have made a difference.

What do you think? How would you conduct an experiment like this? Do you believe talking to plants helps them grow? Or is it all in the seed, sun and a little luck?

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