5 Simple Tips to Keeping Succulents Alive

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.

Liberty Hyde Bailey

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Do you have a hard time keeping your indoor plants alive? Here are 5 simple tips to keep those lovely things alive and thriving all year long.

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1 Use the right soil

There is a special succulent soil that helps with drainage. The soil is often labeled “Cactus soil.” (I use this brand) Or you can mix potting soil with sand (according to the Architectural Digest.) I have used normal soil with some of my succulents, and there is definitely a difference.

2 Proper Lighting

Most succulents like the sun. Usually placing them near a south facing window will give them the most sunlight. Some can survive away from the window with just enough indirect light. (Be sure to read the plant care tips that typically come with your newly bought plant.)

If a plant has just been repotted, too much sunlight can actually kill it. So if you have just received a newly potted succulent, be sure to provide it with a bit of shade, whether it be a shear curtain, or just moving it away from the window a bit until the roots establish.

3 Proper Watering Care

Yes, there is such thing as overwatering your plants; and this will kill them. Test the soil by dipping a finger about an inch into the soil. If the soil is dry then it’s time to water.

When watering, apply the water directly to the soil and allow for it to drain through the bottom hole of the pot. I highly recommend a pot with drain holes, as this helps prevent the plant from drowning.

Succulents have a growth period in spring and summer, which requires more watering. Fall and winter the plant slows down and watering decreases significantly. This is the time to really “listen” to your plant.

4 Rotate Your Succulents

Does your plant look like it is turning into the Leaning Tower or Pisa? It may be asking for more sunlight. By rotating your succulents from time to time, it allows the plant to endure different amounts of sunlight and from various angles as well.

5 Keep it Clean

Just like our kids and pets need baths, so do our plants. Dust can collect, and even some diseases, so keep an eye on them. Use a damp cloth or even a wet paint brush (for those hard to reach places) and give them a dusting. Just add it to your dust chores!

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There you have it. Follow these five “rules of thumb” and see your succulents thrive!

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