How to Create a Bohemian (Boho) Designed Bedroom and Living Room

A free spirit isn’t a rebel. A free spirit is simply free within oneself. Radiating their light up and out to breathe the sweet medicine of new rhythms and roads into an often stagnant world.

Victoria Anderson

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Boho. Also known as Bohemian, is a style that consisted of soft fabrics back in the 60’s and 70’s. It means socially unconventional in an artistic way. What I love most about this style is it’s colorful, full of life, positive energy and fun! The style reminds me of peace, love, and happiness, or some may say “hippies.”

I’d like to share a few ways I have added Boho style to my own bedroom and living room.

Let us begin in the bedroom.

Window Treatments

I am a cheap-o when is comes to buying certain items. One being curtains! They are so expensive (in my opinion). I also hate buying things that I know I could make myself. I am pretty proud of how my homemade curtains turned out, and they are the sole definition of Bohemian Style, unique and artsy to say the least.

I first explored my closet to find out what I didn’t wear anymore. Next I hit up the local Salvation Army and bought a ton of scarves. What I did next involved NO sewing, and NO measuring…say whaaaat?!

I began to rip, yes RIP, my clothing items apart and then tie them together to create length. I used various patterns/colors for some, and others I simply used one of the scarfs I had purchased for real cheap ($1-$3 ea). While they are mostly shear, they are not meant to hide light, or reduce visibility from the outside. But, I LOVE them!

The other window I’m not sure I love, but it’s okay. I used three old sheets, different colors and ripped them at the bottom. I then tied knots up them to create a different look. My mother-law wasn’t too fond of these, but they do the trick. Plus, they do keep the sun out and give privacy when closed.

Not only did I use the scarf technique in my own bedroom, but for my kids rooms as well. I used only scarfs for theirs, tying each corner of one end to create a slip hole and hanging it from the rod. In another bedroom of my children’s’, I tied a few scarfs together to create a brightly colored valence. This was the perfect compliment to the already bright and “hippie like” bedroom decor.

The Bed

For my own bedroom I purchased this amazing Duvet Cover from Amazon. It is hand made, and absolutely beautiful! I also had to purchase a down comforter to put the duvet cover over. If you are ordering (or even purchasing these items in person) be sure to get the right size, twin, queen, full, or king, to fit your bed. There are so many cool designs, and really the cost is not too bad! Check out the variety with just the key phrase “bohemian style duvet covers.”

I will say when I initially received this, I found the cover to be a bit smaller than expected, and the pillow cases to fit tightly. I do, however, feel now that I wouldn’t change a thing. The smaller aspect of the pillow case increases the “poof” of my pillows, and the “smaller” aspect of the duvet gives the down a bit more “poof” as well. I should also admit, this is the first duvet I have ever used, so maybe this is how they are suppose to fit.

I also purchased some 18 inch pillow covers, and 18 inch square pillows inserts from Amazon to complete the look.

For my girls beds, I designed and sewed their “quilts” myself. I’m not a professional quilt maker by any means, but I basically sewed fabric together in various patterns and added some quilting insert for durability and comfort. How did I make this you ask? I used OLD CLOTHES and purchased some flannel fabric as well. I had quite a few flannel P.J’s that I no longer used, and I cut them up to add color and fun to the blankets.

The homemade “quilts” were a fun project, and made great Christmas gifts! To add some flair and complete the look, they added all the decorative pillows they’ve received or bought themselves as gifts over the years.

More in the Bedroom

Underneath one of my windows I placed the cedar chest that my dad made me several years ago. It’s the perfect color tone for the space, fits perfectly at the window and is perfect for holding plants near the south window for the best lighting. (Did I say “perfect” too many times?)

My husband bought me a wooden stand for Christmas one year (it’s not the most durable thing) but it’s cute! It’s quite small to sit on the floor, so I put it on top of the chest to hold my plants and added some small, wicker baskets that I initially planned to use as planters. These baskets now hold some yarn and whatever else my kids have put inside of them.

I also love that I can put my bed pillows on the chest when I need to go to bed. Isn’t it perfect?!

The Living Space

The living space didn’t actually take too much work. We have a few gifts, and hand-me-downs like our glass T.V. stand, that sits low to the floor, and a unique vase with some “frilly things” in it. I am not sure where I got it, but the end table was given to us as well. The “orangish” wood color reminds me of my Grandma’s era.

I purchased a floor rug from 5-Below and put it under my T.V stand to add a pop of color and design, tossed a throw blanket over the foot rest (that I received in a (Fab.Fit.Fun Box) and tossed a colorful wicker tray on top. (Which is my favorite!) The pillows came with the couch we bought (which we only bought because our old pleather one had started falling apart).

Add Plants and Accessories

Adding plants is obviously a necessity! I have plants in both windows of my bedroom, and four plants in my upstairs living and office space. Plants bring life to the room adding a pop of color, plus improving air quality to help make the space relaxing! Plus, what doesn’t scream hippie like a few plants?!

This plant is where my Yoga/exercise area is which also includes an in-scents and a holder, and some inspirational words.

Did this inspire you to add some Bohemian style to your home? If so, do me a favor, like and share this post. Be sure to follow the blog for more!

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